A Goodbye To The Commenters

I am saying goodbye to all my visitors and commenters. And I want to thank you for saying nice stuff or just visting my blog . I will be keeping my blog and writing lots more in the summer. What do you think about that?

what post did you really like? because I might make more.

This is the shortest post I have ever done but again I’d like to say thank you and have a good summer!

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Sailing … Is AWESOME!!!

You step in the water to push out the boat. The water makes your feet go numb of cold. But then your in the water. Sailing faster and faster and faster and faster STOP GOING TO FAST!! (tip splosh). Kidding!  You feel a cool breeze on your face as steer the catamaran. Catamarans are awesome! I wish I could sail forever but then I would be a sailor which would not be great. Are you going to do some sailing?  Hope you are.  I learned that there are different types of wind. Sit down this may take a while.  Irons is no wind or barley enough to push a grass blade. Uh I forget what  the other winds are called. My favirote moment saling was when we picked wind and went fast but when you go to fast it could tip over into the water brrrrrr! at least mycatamaran didn’t tip.

WouldI Want To Be A SAR Tech

Would I want to be a SAR (search and rescue) tech? NOOOO! SAR techs have to jump out  of planes I don’t think I can do that without screaming help! even with a parachute sometimes the parachutes don’t work and where does that leave falling down to the ground screaming “MOMMY” and then get serious injuries.

Have I ever needed to rescued? The only time I needed to be rescued was when I got lost in Wall-mart (a store) I got sidetracked from a mirror. I started making funny faces in it laughing. But when turned to catch up to my parents but then I knew eventually I was found 5 minutes later. Sorry but this is the end of post

Team K9 Part Three A Haunting Halloween

A link to part 2

“Ewww!” Yipped Shootingstar the coker spaniel was covered in mud “My costume is ruined!” she screeched. When Shootingstar gets dirty she has a temper tantrum, so my advice for you is running for the hills. She was chasing Deathfur all over the place calling him a idiot.

“Stop! Come back! You owe me a new $30.00 costume Deathfur!” yelled Shootingstar.

“Haha! You can’t catch me. Haha!” sang Deathfur.

“Stop you guys!” shouted ZoomZoom. Shootingstar stopped so did Deathfur they were scared how ZoomZoom’s small voice could become booming and commanding at times. “Now look, we will go over to that barn house and ask for directions to the party” explained ZoomZoom. Everyone looked to where ZoomZoom’s tail was pointing. She was pointing at the barn that belongs to The Black Witch. Every town in the world has a legend well the Barkville legend is the Black Witch. It’s a pitch Black Witch well maybe lighter then Deathfur it is said to legend that it lures unsuspecting children into it’s grasp and tears them to bits and pieces never to be seen again.

“Are you sure yo want to go there?” squeaked Doomtail shaking.

” Remember the story of the Black Witch, how it tears kids like us to pieces?” squeaked Deathfur.

“Oh my gosh! You guys don’t actually believe in that Do you?” said ZoomZoom. Everyone took cautious steps towards the barn expect ZoomZoom who took long confident strides. B Bop shivered the night was getting cold a drop of rain dripped on Doomtails makeup. They reached to the barn door and ZoomZoom knocked loudly

“Hello! anyone home?” Yelled ZoomZoom and without waiting for an answer she opened the door.  All B Bop remembered was an ear splitting scream and passing out from fright.


B Bop awoke quickly for ice cold water had splashed him in the face he opened his eyes to see Deathfur with a bucket.

“wh-what happened?” asked B Bop

“You passed out when Scarlet screamed” Deathfur explained

“Who the heck is Scarlet?” asked B Bop confused

“that would be me” answered a sweet voice almost like  a feather and in front of them stood a massive creature that kind of looked like a tower with reddish skin no fur weird. It had a tail but it didn’t wag. It’s paws looked like snow it was furry but as it came closer it made a clopping noise

“My name is Scarlet sorry for screaming who are you?” asked the creature .

“I am captine  of Team K9 B Bop nice to meet you now do know how to get to the Barkville bowling alley?” asked B Bop.

“I don’t know the where abouts of this bowling alley. What is bowling?” answered and asked Scarlet. “your species are really weird”

“We are dogs. What are you?” asked Shootingstar.

“I’m a Clydesdale Horse” answered Scarlet.

“Oh so that’s why you seem so weird” said Deathfur. All the sudden a growl came from nowhere Scarlet looked frightened half to death!

“Go you should not be here! this is my territory ye beware for you might be part of my torn up children collection!” Growled the voice again.

Cliffhanger! me and Darion are combining our stories together for fun.

Pysanky Egg

Hello and happy Easter this post is about Pysanky (p-san-key) eggs.  The Ukraine make them every Easter for its a tradition and I decided to make my own Pysanky Easter egg.  But what I didn’t know was there are specific symbols that are always on it. But I finally made it in 2 days.and now I show it to the public now! This is my egg!

I will now  tell you what everything IMG_0398means to the Ukraine.

Lions symbolize strength but not to common to find in Pysanky art.

Rams, Horses and deer symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Butterflies, Birds and fish symbolize spring. Fish also mean Christianity.

Curls mean protection or defense.

Poppies symbolize beauty and joy.

Birds make wishes come true and fertility.                    blue- cross-on-bias

Suns are life, fortune and growth.

This is a traditional Pysanky Easter egg. Whose do find better?

Photo blue_cross_on_bias

Sullivan Bay

Summer vacation is coming up and you don’t know where to go for vacation. Why not go to Sullivan Bay! At the end of  Vancouver Island is Port McNeil and then you take a boat or plane (plane is faster like 15 minutes boat 1 hour) And then you arrive here!A extremely small place to live but the view is breathtaking!   Seriously can you picture it in your mind I can because I have already been. So if I were to go any where on earth it would be Sullivan Bay.

Proof read by Molly

Team K9 A Haunting Halloween part two

Here is a link to part 1.

The bus arrived and they went to school.
When they got off the bus they saw a huge group of dogs surrounding the school’s most prettiest, sassiest pooches known as the spicy girls. Their names were Cinnamon, Ava and Aqua all sisters and got everything they wanted, all of them were border collies.

“Looks like they’ve called a meeting,” observed ZoomZoom.

“Everyone we called you here today because-” explained Aqua. Ava finished her sentence.

“-We all invite you to a big Halloween party, at the Barkville bowling alley. Make sure you bring your costumes it’s tonight at 8:30 ends at midnight see you there” finished Ava.  Everyone cheered, dispersed and started to class.

Later after school B Bop raced home and got his costume on and went to have an after school snack.

“B Bop why are you in your Halloween costume?” asked Becky.

“Aqua, Cinnamon and Ava invited me to a big Halloween party tonight,” explained B Bop. B Bop,s dad overheard and thought: Hmm with the kids out of the house I’ll get to relax without the kids running around and destroying moms lamp for the 41th time. “Sure you can go!” B Bop,s dad exclaimed.

“Dad your the best!” yipped B Bop. Then the phone rang. It was Deathfur.

“Hey B Bop, me and Doomtail are going out to look for a costume for him, wanna come with us?” explained Deathfur.

“Sure I’ll be right over” agreed B Bop.

A few minutes later, it was already 7:30 and pretty soon it was time to go.

He was all ready now to help his friend and have a howling good time.  He knocked on the door and who opened it was Doomtail and Deathfur’s teenage sister Lizzie but she liked being called Lizard. She was a black and white mutt and was very pretty but too old for B Bop. She  loved pulling pranks on her little brothers.

“Are you here to help Doomtail?” asked Lizard.

“Yes” answered B Bop.

“Well come in ZoomZoom and Shootingstar are already here” she welcomed. There in the living room was everyone Doomtail spotted him.

“Hey B Bop welcome but were afraid you came a little late because me and Doomtail have already found our costumes” explained Doomtail. B Bop was puzzled me and Doomtail? Then it finally came to him Doomtail was dressed as Deathfur, and Deathfur was dressed as Doomtail.

“Great costumes guys. You sure look scary” laughed B Bop.

“Thank you” they said together.

“Hey did you even see us?” yipped Shootingstar dressed as a princesses and beside was ZoomZoom dressed as herself.

“Hey how are you doing?” asked B Bop before they could answer ZoomZoom’s watch went off, she looked at it.

“8:30!” she exclaimed. The team raced toward the bus stop and there was a old run down bus there were holes, bandages and yet it was still in business there was a sign on it that said do not tip thank you.  The team stepped cautiously on bored the bus started and rolled away. A few minutes later Deathfur let out a yelp:” Hey look a hitchhiker!” then the whole bus tipped by the weight of Deathfur peering out a window. But then all the sudden Deathfur flew out the open window! Then Doomtail went after his brother then ZoomZoom went then Shootingstar and last B Bop (to save Shootingstar).

Cliffhanger hope you enjoyed!

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Zoom Post: Escape To The World

Hi this is another zoom post my first one was a fail but I’ll put a link to it so that it can be finished. Here are the rules in a zoom post. I start a story then you add on to it you can make up anything you want it’s your part of the story when you leave a comment then someone else has to add on to what you put down. Now let it begin!

Cleo sat at the edge of her masters bed staring out the window longing to be outdoors. But her mother and father say it’s to dangerous and coop her up inside.Baby Attiicus by Seanmcgrath

“That’s it!”Cleo screeched “I don’t care what mom and dad say I have to get out to the world. I must get out!” Cleo leaped off the bed and easily sneaked past mom and dad who were too busy to notice her pass by.They were to busy arguing over who gets the last piece of catnip. Freedom as Cleo slipped out the cat flap.

Now read and make Cleo’s adventure begin!

Photo by Seanmcgrath

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Drop! Cover! Hold On!

Earthquake! The tv crashed to the floor, your mothers mother’s china hits the ground and SMASH! Quick! do you remember what to do in a earthquake?

Random person: Stop, Drop and Roll!

No! That’s what you do when you are on fire! you might possibly  get hurt if you do that. But you did get one of the things right it was drop here this is what you do in a earthquake: Drop! Cover! Hold On!

drop cover hold on

you can see in this picture how this person reacts to a earthquake That is what you should do in a earthquake now I will tell you the do’s and do not’s of what to do in a earthquake.

Do: crawl under a nearby table and hold on it’s legs.

Don’t: run around screaming.

Do: count for 60 seconds by Mississippi.

Don’t: run for the door frame for protection because the vibrations will makes swing back and forth which may cause injuries.

Well then, now you know what to do in a earthquake.

Be safe, live long!

photo by dropcoverholdon.com

Team K9 A Haunting Halloween

If it is a different month, POOF! Now it is magically October.

B Bop, a handsome golden retrieve woke up with a smile on his face. Tomorrow was Halloween night, the night he would go out as Darth Slobber, from the Slobber Wars. But before he got up he checked under his bed to see if his skateboard was there. Nothing under the bed. He put one paw on the ground. Nothing he took a deep breath and his other paw on the ground. B Bops skate bored appeared out of nowhere and he slipped on it! KRASH! “Stupid skate bored.” grumbled B Bop. B Bop went down stairs to have breakfast, and watch cartoons with his little sister Becky. But instead of his sister in the kitchen there was a giant ladybug! “AHHH!” screamed B Bop  “Please! Don’t eat me!”pleaded B Bop.

“It’s only me B Bop” said the ladybug. The ladybug pulled  off a mask to reveal Becky’s face. “I scared you, I scared you” she laughed.

“No you didn’t!” B Bop lied.

“Now, why are you in your Halloween costume?” asked Dad.

” Jessica Carlos, from my school invited me to a Halloween party, tonight!” answered Becky.

“Well, you can’t go to school dressed like, that” said Mom “wait until tonight.”

“So I can go?” asked Becky hopefully, giving Mom and Dad her puppy dog face, they always fall for it.

“Sure thing” said Dad.

“YES!” Becky yelped.

B Bop ate breakfast, put on his lucky hat, (it’s a red hat with a blue B on it and signed by Babe Ruth) watched cartoons for a bit, then waved goodbye and went to  meet his friends  five tail lengths away from the bus stop under a huge oak tree to walk to school with them.

“What are you going to be for Halloween Shootingstar?” asked Deathfur a pitch black mutt.

“I’m a princess” Shootingstar replied. She was a ginger cocker spaniel with a midnight blue scarf that sparkles in the light.

“ZoomZoom what about you?”asked Doomtail a white mutt with a pitch black tail. Deathfur’s twin brother but they don’t look alike or act alike. Deatfur the troublemaker, Doomtail the angel.

“Myself” replied ZoomZoom a greyhound that loves to run and wears a headband all the time.

“Again…” muttered B Bop”I’m Darth slobber from the Slobber Wars”

“I’m going out in my dads old police outfit” said Deathfur “Doomtail have you found a costume yet? asked Deathfur.

“Mom said if I don’t chose a costume” Dooomtail gulped before finshing his sentence.” I have to go out in last years costume.”

Cliffhanger. Come back for part two soon.

Help I don’t what Doomtail’s costume will be? Please leave an idea in your comment.

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